About KC Write Solutions

Hi, I'm Karen.

Karen Clark sitting in a coffee shop working on her laptop

I'm a content writer located in Chester, Virginia who takes the hassle out of writing content for your growing coaching and speaking business.

I was asked one time why I loved writing so much (most people don’t love to write). To me, writing inspires, challenges, and lets us peek behind the curtain. It’s an art form that makes you smile at one moment and get angry in the next. That’s what makes good writing more than just words on a page. It’s all about connecting with your audience, making them want more.

Connection is key for any business, especially those in coaching or speaking. I’ve been blessed to help coaches and speakers create blogs, informational articles, newsletters and email marketing that not only grows their business, but creates long-term relationships. I learned a long time ago, those relationships are so important. Here’s how I know:

Karen Clark wearing a black blouse, smiling at the camera

I’m a retired Special Education teacher.

Working with students who had disabilities taught me a lot about persistence, overcoming struggles, and seeing your capabilities. Finding joy in what you were doing. One of my favorite projects was having each student write their story. It gave them the opportunity to see how special they were and what they could offer to the world.

Looking back on that experience, I wondered how I could help others write their stories and share their message. I knew immediately I wanted to create my own writing business. That’s how KC Write Solutions began.

Being a small business owner, I understand the struggles of balancing all the pieces needed to run a successful company. It doesn’t matter if you are the sole member of your business, or you have a team to work with, writing content takes time. Even if you like to write, it’s more of an obligation, something you have to do.

Some fun facts about me:


My husband Dale and I have two grown children and five precious grandkids. They definitely keep us young!

Karen Clark in a blue bike jacket outdoors


Favorite activities include anything outdoors (hiking, camping, biking). Sitting around a campfire with a warm cup of coffee and a good book is my idea of fun.

Where I'm from

I was born in Kodiak, Alaska (not too many people can say that!) My dad was an Air Force pilot stationed there. Another neat fact - I was one of the first babies born when it became a state!

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